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Curried Popcorn

John and I go to most of the Rockies’ home baseball games.  I’m good for about one hot dog a year.  I’ve tried just about every concession stand in the stadium, and have not yet found anything to eat that remotely resembles its original food ingredients.  So, now we bring our lunch/dinner to the park.  One of my favorite snacks is curried popcorn.  It turns your fingers yellow, so serve it with lots of napkins.



  1. heat oil in pan
  2. add three kernels to pan, cover and heat on high until the kernels pop
  3. add more popcorn to cover bottom of pan
  4. replace cover and heat on high
  5. when you can count to five after the last pop, the popcorn is done.
  6. add butter and curry powder to taste – I usually use 1-2 teaspoons for a big bowl.

* – I was complaining to my friend Wendy about store bought popcorn kernels.  I don’t know if its the altitude of the lack of humidity, but the popcorn in Colorado tastes stale – I’ve tried 3-4 different brands with the same result.  Wendy gave me some Amish Country Popcorn to try.  Its cheap, available on line and its the best popcorn I’ve had.  I prefer the extra large carmel type popcorn and buy it in 6 lb bags.

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