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Vermont Wine

Endive Been Thinking . . . what would wine from Vermont taste like?

“Wine from Vermont?” My wine snob brother’s eyebrows raised in suspicion.
“Come on. Aren’t you at least curious?”
“Well, believe it or not, I have tasted some decent Reislings from the Finger Lake region. Are they anywhere near there? Fine, I’ll go in on a half case.”
The box arrived from Snow Farm Vineyards and we planned a dinner that might pair well. Clams steamed in wine with fennel and fresh tomatoes for the Reislings, and a selection of California artisan cheeses and fresh figs from Kenneth’s garden to complement the dessert wine.
Raising the glass of Snow White 2006 Reisling, he sniffed.
”Hmmm…unique nose.”
He sips.
“But it tastes nothing like the nose. Hints of lychee and key lime. Oh yes, and apple. A slightly sweet, light Reisling. Very unusual. I like it.”
He pronounced the 2007 Estate Reisling as “light and simple, really tastes like more of a Pinot Grigio.”
The 2006 Late Harvest Estate Vignoles: “nice nose…(sipping)…..very nice…honey… reminiscent of a muscato but tarter. I would definitely order this again.”
My opinion?  When I sipped Snow White I tasted a clean white snowfall followed by a bite of a crisp Vermont apple. You can’t get that in California.

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