Smith & Truslow specializing in freshly ground organic
Big bold flavor in a small dark jar
Why is smaller better?
Spices lose their flavor when exposed
to air, light, heat, and humidity. Small
jars mean less air…for fresh flavors
that last longer.
Why is darker better?
Spices are photosensitive;
they lose their flavor faster
when exposed to light. Our
dark jars keep spice flavors
bright and bold.
How long is too long?
All good things come to
an end. Every jar is stamped
with an optimal “Use by”
date—for maximum flavor.
What should I do when I run low on a spice?
SAVE YOUR JAR! Use our Fresh & Flavorful refill plan,
or order refills a la carte. Either way, we’ll ship your
freshly ground spice or herb in a recyclable refill bag.
Simply snip the corner of the bag, refill your
Smith & Truslow spice jar…and continue to enjoy the
unmatched flavor of freshly ground organic spices.