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Forever Fresh and Flavorful

Forever Fresh & Flavorful

Keep the great tastes coming
Once you’ve experienced freshly ground organic spices from Smith & Truslow, you’ll never want to cook without them. The Fresh & Flavorful Plan ensures that you’ll always have the freshest spices at your fingertips.

Once you have placed a spice box in your cart, you can add a Fresh & Flavorful Plan and we’ll automatically refresh your spices throughout the year. You’ll receive two refills in the subsequent months. The first will arrive in 6 months, with refill bags for the spices in your order that lose their optimum flavor after 6 months. The second shipment will arrive in 12 months, with refills for all of the spices in your original order. Refills will arrive in air-tight bags—simply snip the corner of your bag, refill your Smith & Truslow spice jar, apply the new top label and recycle the bag.

From allspice to turmeric, you’ll never be without the special flavors that tease, tempt and delight the palate.

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