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Organic spice gift sets

Boxes full of ahhhs and mmms. Select from inventive organic spice collections – hand packed 6-jar, 9-jar, and 12-jar boxes – or create your own spice gift set with a Custom Gift Box. Or, for "out of the box" selections that accommodate your cooking style, select your spices à La Carte.

3-Jar Boxes
Fire Up The Grill - $20.00
A tantalizing selection of our chicken, pork, and beef rubs.
Coriander·Cumin, Ginger·Mustard, Tarra·Cardamom
Scarborough Fair - $20.00
Spice Up The Barbie - $20.00
6-Jar Boxes
Fabulous Flavor-ites - $39.00
The perfect gift... a collection of our top-selling spices and herbs.
Chili Powder, Ground Cinnamon, Ground Cumin, Oregano, Ground Paprika, Thyme
Garden of Herbs - $39.00
Grill Favorites - $39.00
A fabulous collection of our favorite freshly ground and custom-blended seasonings.
Coriander·Cumin, Ginger·Mustard, Greek Seasoning, Herbes Provencal, Italian Seasoning, Rosemary·Garlic
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