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Gourmet Sea Salt

Gourmet Sea Salt

Shake it up a little with Smith & Truslow gourmet sea salt.

Once you add gourmet sea salt to your repertoire, you may never go back to plain table salt. The preferred salt for gourmets, with better texture and more complex dissolution, we offer both coarse and fine sea salt straight from the sea, as well as flavored sea salt that will truly change your perspective.

Entice your guests with exotic black truffle sea salt or another of our creatively conceived gourmet sea salts.

  • Black Truffle Sea Salt — fine in texture, rich and earthy in flavor
  • Garlic Sea Salt — fine consistency, widely applicable (and wildly applauded)
  • Rosemary Lavender Sea Salt — coarse, yet flowery
  • Smoked Applewood Sea Salt — coarse and powerfully smoky
  • Sel Gris - coarse, complex, gray and moist; a chef's favorite

Gourmet Sea Salt