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Spice-Infused Brew with tea kettle


This handy little strainer makes brewing loose blends incredibly easy. We love it!

Buy 3 brews, and a complimentary strainer is our gift to you.

Brew Strainer
Morning Fuel

Morning Fuel

Previously only available at
farmers’ markets...

Add a boost to your morning
smoothie with this one-two
punch of fiber and omega-3.

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All New Spice–Infused Brews!

Custom-Blended Organic Brewing Spices
Introducing... four specially crafted blends for brewing. They’re flavorful, naturally nutritious alternatives to coffee or tea.

Organic Cinnful Ginger   $14.50
Brews 22 cups, net wt. 5.0 oz
This powerful hypernova of organic spices is crafted using traditional flavorings of masala chai: ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, cloves, and vanilla.
Organic Double Dandy   $14.50
Brews 22 cups, net wt. 6.4 oz
A perfect alternative for the robust coffee lover.
Ingredients: chicory, dandelion root, and cardamom.
Organic Mocha Dandy   $14.50
Brews 22 cups, net wt. 6.4 oz
Savor the aroma of this invigorating coffee alternative. A blend of chicory, dandelion root, cocoa, and cardamom.
Organic Triple Zing   $17.50
Brews 50 cups, net wt. 4.8 oz
Kickstart your day with a potent blast of ginger, turmeric, galengal, and black pepper. [Steep with care, as turmeric can stain!]
Brew Strainer   $7.50
This makes brewing sooo easy. Simply spoon your loose blend into the strainer. Place it in your mug. Add boiling water and steep. Remove strainer. Ta-da!

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