Premium Organic Spices and Herbs

Your culinary creations deserve Smith & Truslow premium organic spices that delight the senses – taste, smell, and sight too. An absolute must for foodies and cooking enthusiasts... Whether your favorite recipes are hot and spicy, or sweet and savory, we bring you freshly ground organic spices and herbs, and custom spice blends that will transform your menu into a flavorful masterpiece.

Organic Spice Sets

Give an organic gift of flavor – choose from unique spice ensembles. 3, 6, 9, and 12-jar boxes... SHOP NOW >

Gourmet Flavored Sea Salt

We start with perfectly natural sea salt, and then we infuse it with spices, herbs, black truffle... SHOP NOW >

Our Signature Blend

Do try! This rub really is great on just about everything – chicken, veggies, popcorn... SHOP NOW >

Spice Racks

The ultimate kitchen organizer. These in-drawer spice racks make finding the desired spice so easy... SHOP NOW >

Cooking Tips, Techniques, and Recipes

So you love to experiment with food? Looking for recipe ideas?
We're here to help you learn more about organic herbs and spices, and discover new ways to use them in your cooking.


For ways to shake up your menu repertoire and get some flavorful inspiration, browse this collection of our favorite recipes.... Recipes >

Spice Equivalents and Substitutions

We've got a few quick rules of thumb for conversions and spice substitutions.... More Info >

Buffalo Hummus

As we get into the heavy entertaining season, keep your guests coming back for more with this Buffalo Hummus recipe.... Recipe >

Ideas for Using Gourmet Flavored Sea Salt

Here are just some of the creative ways you can put your gourmet sea salts to use. ... More Info >